I saw Ed from across the room and I think I creamed myself.

It was around the time before Twilight hit cinemas and the books were increasingly popular. I'd just finished the 3rd book and was probably romanticizing a bit too much (okay...waaaaay too much) I think I even broke up with George because he was so far away from the leading character Edward (that and the heavy drinking probably didn't help). I was also in the state of mind that my very own Edward was living and breathing and waiting patiently for me to stumble into view.

So I stumbled in the local club dressed in only God knows what (I was out on the pull and I have a very un-shameful way of showing off my bare back – small chest you know… so we can get away with that. I do however remember that I had pulled off the smokey eye effect really well that night and combined with about 3 different cocktails and some wine at dinner I was staring down every fine looking piece of flesh walking by. And Ed just so happened to be the finest one I'd seen all night. In fact, I think he looked alot like Edward Cullen - especially through these nifty cocktail goggles I just spent £40 on.

I had my eyes on him. I'm not bashful about eye-flirting – in fact I do it every morning on my walk to work to passing male strangers. To this day I'm not sure if I'm checking them out or if I'm just curious to see if I look alright that day. I wrote this for you once said, "I try to fall in love at least 5 times a day before lunch", and I've always found it fitting because of my obscure habit. Later in life I'll probably realise that this has something to do with my insecurities, but I won't think about that now...

On this particular night, with the alcohol giving me just enough (if not too much) courage, I walked straight passed him giving him 'the eyes' the whole way.

Now I'm always shocked when this stuff works. I genuinely am. He grabbed my arm before I could walk away and said 'are you giving me evils or eyes'. I gave the noncommittal response, 'I'm not giving you evils,' and then laughed it off a bit feeling completely embarassed that I was blatanly caught - but that's okay because the Mai Tai kicked in.

'Nice shoes you're wearing,' he said.

I love when people compliment my shoes so I gave and excited, 'thanks!' with a huge open mouth smile and said, 'I like your skinny jeans'.

'They're skinny jeans?'

'Yea, I like a challenge,' and then I just stopped talking covered my mouth and looked at him wide eyed. Slut! Oh my God I'm such a slut! Try as I might to shake that one off and pretend it didn't happen (it was loud after all) the damage was done, I said it and was instantly thrown into the category of 'girls that will likely give head on a first date'.

To which he replied, 'oh my God I think I got a chubby.'

Yea… we pretty much got on like wildfire from that point. I like guys that can make me laugh and he was so hot and I was drunk off my ass on pink liquids. My giddiness was getting really annoying. Even I could tell, so as all first encounters should end… I went home. How I Met Your Mother once said, "nothing good can come after 2am, so just go home". So we exchanged numbers, hugged, and then made our own ways home... well he probably did, I think I ended up in the back garden that night, but I can't remember. [shrug]

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