Because I've been asked a million times

Are these true?

yup - I just changed the names and like every good writer I elaborate but not to the extent that it's a blatant lie. So far everything I've ever lied about has come back to bite me in the ass, so no point - this is going to bite me in the ass anyway - but at least I'm honest, eh?

Why are you doing this?

[sigh] I'm still not quite sure if I can give that a good answer but these things I know for sure:
1. the stories are too bizarre or entertaining to keep locked away
2. I have a writing obsession (I carry a pen & notebook everywhere and without them I go a bit mental - to the point where I'm asking strangers for pens and writing on burger wrappers. You think I'm kidding? My notes are proof.)
3. Some men out there will learn from this
4. Some women will realise that the date they had with Jim wasn't so bad after all - and maybe they'll give him another shot like he deserves.
5. My mom will be proud of me. Hi mom!
6. It will keep me from repeating the story over and over again with friends
7. I kiss and tell.
8. I'm doomed to be a singleton (Crazy Aunt Josie who lives in London with 8 cats) I might as well seal my fate by scaring off men with the threat of a public review.
9. I'm running out of room on my bookshelf for my dating journals - blog seemed like a good idea to write shit down.
10. I'm really hoping it gets better and if I entertain a few people on my little road to happiness, then it will make me all the more content when I get there.

busy busy week for me - will have a new date posted asap - my little run-in with internet dating!